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Flowalyzer NetFlow & sFlow Listener  v.1.0

Flowalyzer is a free NetFlow and sFlow listener Tool Kit for testing hardware or software for sending and receiving NetFlow and sFlow data.Flowalyzer can help IT professionals troubleshoot hardware from vendors like Cisco and Enterasys, as well as

Card Listener  v.3

Card Listener 3 is well-known as a handy as well as reliable system which integrates contact less card with most of the legacy desktop applications. It allows a quick migration from barcode and magstripe cards to contact less

TCP Listener  v.1.1.4322.2407

TCP Listener will allow you to set a port and a description to be seen by any network scanners Enter a port number and a description and any scanners on that port will see your description. Each connection is logged. Minimizes to the tray. TCP

Event Listener  v.1.3

EventListener is a simple and efficient C++ framework for propagating Events in graphical interfaces or numerical codes, using Listener pattern. Filtering and blocking of events is possible. This package does not use any other

Listener Manager  v.1.0.1

ListenerManager is a configurable streaming server manager, allowing you to track listeners, watch for listener who taking up multiple slots, etc. created for Shoutcast, other stream formats (such as Icecast) should be able to be managed in the same

RadNet Listener  v.1.0

A Java-based listener and support classes to procure and decode RadNet messages from the network transport layer into their instrument-specific datasets to make those dataset members available to software as indexed name-value pairs.

Nant Remote Listener  v.1.0

Nant provides a powerful Listener API but it needs some help to make it useful. This project will get the information out of the nant process and into a form that allows you to understand your builds and how they are progressing.

Configurable JSF Phase Listener  v.1.0

Configurable JSF Phase Listener, includes a set of PhaseListener base classes, that will allow to easily implement and configure new PhaseListeners.

Free PacketTrap NetFlow Listener  v.2.3.11

Captures flow data from network traffic to identify what is consuming bandwidth

GemTAG Card Listener  v.3.0.0

CardListener is a new concept for integrating contactless card with most of the legacy desktop applications. It allows a quick migration from barcode and magstripe cards to contactless

ESP Enhanced ShoutCast Player  v.1.00

ESP is an Internet radio player which gives the listener access to thousands of stations covering all genres over the ShoutCast network. ESP makes available for download mp3's that the currently playing artist has uploaded to social-networking sites

FREE PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite  v.2.2.5

pt360 Tool Suite provides network monitoring and diagnostic tools in a single interface. Features are device discovery, Cisco Configurator, Switch Port Mapper, NetFlow Listener, TFTP server, SNMP, WMI, Port, DNS, Syslog, application monitoring

Java portListener  v.0.11

A command line port listener written in Java 1.3. This program allow you to create a secure environment checking if hacker try to enter in your system. Java port Listener lock any local port of your machine and dtell to you if someone is trying to

Ping Monitor Service  v.1.10

Monitors machines across a network or internet using the ping protocol. Telnet into the listener to view the monitor and determine changes to ip addresses and whether machines are still running. Runs as a Windows service so it starts as soon as the

TotalRock  v.1.0.2

TotalRock 1.0.2 is designed as a useful DJ and listener driven radio station which provides you with the schedule of interviews, requests, live sessions, gig reports and specialist shows covering everything from Death Metal to Prog, Classic Rock and

Inceptdate Radio Desktop Player for Mac OS  v.2.0

Explore the Art of Chill on your desktop with the Inceptdate Radio Desktop Player! Listen to chill music, view listener submitted photos/video, tell people where you are listening from, upload your own chill photos, search recently played tracks in

Essential Diagnostics  v.1.1.20103

Essential Diagnostics is a handy and reliable collection of trace listeners, filters and utility classes for the .NET Framework System.Diagnostics trace logging. Included are colored console (that allows custom formats), SQL database (including a

Automated Business Logic  v.2.1.6

ABL is a Java library that allows you to declare complex, multi-table transaction logic for your persistent objects, using simple declarative annotations. ABL operates as a HIbernate/JPA event listener to eliminate recoding and automate

KFlex  v.1.0

KFlex is an extension to JFlex that makes it easy to generate lexers whose actions call methods of a listener interface. This simplifies parser development and makes the lexer a reusable drop-in

ProfDog  v.1.5.0

log4j/log4net appenders and a supporting Eclipse RCP-based browser for viewing profiling information. The appenders operate either in-process or (to minimize overhead) remotely send their packets to a separate listener via

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